Customer service — good or bad — can make or break your business. In our supercompetitive marketplace, customer service is often the differentiating factor between businesses that compete head-on in other arenas — like selection, location, and price.

Your customer's impression of your business is the difference between success and failure. Today's customer has more options than ever. They don't have to do business with you. Exceptional customer service will make your customers want to do business with you.

 Our program is designed for anyone even remotely involved in working with a customer — which is pretty much everyone in one way or another — and focuses on these key customer service areas:

* What Does the Customer Really Want
* What Does Customer Service Really Mean
* Your Role in the Company's Success
* Understanding Human Behavior
* The Power of Goal Setting
* Art of Satisfying Customers
* Being a Team Player
* Cultivating Customer Loyalty
* Effective Communications
* The Art of Listening
* Handling Complaints and Mastering Difficult Situations
* Developing a Positive Company Image
* Estimating Your Quality of Service
* Becoming an Excellent Service Provide

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