Management's role has evolved dramatically in recent years, requiring additional skills for management success. Change continues at an ever-increasing pace, and successful managers must be skilled in facilitating change effectively to minimize disruptions in the workplace and any negative impact on the organization.

With rapid advancements in technology and increasing competition in the marketplace, management must plan and prepare for the future while still keeping an operation running smoothly today. It's an incredible challenge — like running two businesses simultaneously or juggling five balls without dropping one.

To be effective and to do so without sacrificing all of their personal lives, it's essential for managers to continue their own growth and development.

 We can help your managers develop a systematic approach to their jobs — a way to plan for the future while continuing to meet the daily challenges of today. Management development involves focusing on their own continuing development, the training and development of subordinates, understanding how they affect others and why certain situations occur, and how they and others in the organization directly affect the organization's success or failure.

They understand why and how they are essential to the organization's goals and learn how to communicate that to the people who report to them. They realize that goals can be achieved, obstacles overcome, and problems solved — with a good attitude and by focusing on that which contributes to the problem. Management becomes goal-directed and focused. As a collective group, this focus becomes a driving force that can propel an organization to achieve unprecedented success.

Our program is designed for those who manage supervisors and focuses on these key management areas:

* The Manager as a Leader
* Goal Setting for Success
* Your Action Plan
* Confidence
* Work Environment and Motivation
* Decision Making
* Management Communications and Human Relations
* Managing Your Time Use
* Developing Subordinates Through Goal Setting
* Dealing with Negative Behavior

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